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Hello =FB=

PostPosted: 27.01.2012, 00:50
by =AS=
First Priviet :S!:

I am looking to fly with good pilots and interested to learn and progress.
I have 6-7 years expirience in aerial combat, but only eta 12month in IL-2 game.
I have been told, that =FB= is good in IL-2 the "world", therefore allow me to politly ask:
Is there any chance to fly with you guys? Server IP? TS?




PostPosted: 28.01.2012, 00:14
by Vaal
No, at the moment we are not recruiting. Anyway, we recruit only russian-speaking pilots. Sorry.
Besides, we almost don't fly in IL2. Now we're fly in ROF and BoB (CoD).

PostPosted: 28.01.2012, 05:56
by =AS=
Hello Vaal.

My intentions where actually not being cadet :) ( I was wing-commander of =RVE= waay back in days ..maybe you remember that squad from Fortis Dogfight Cup). Long story short, i was just looking to fly with you guys without "joining".
Nice to hear about ROF as this will be in future also implemented in once our technical problems on the page and on the ACP (Anti Cheat Tool for sims) is addressed aswell.

But i appreciate your answer.