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The official position of =FB= squadron (=Flying BARANS=)

Все о жизни =FB=

Post #1 VikS » 05.12.2005, 15:25 » The official position of =FB= squadron (=Flying BARANS=)

The official position of =FB= squadron (=Flying BARANS=) concerning present situation with the appearence in IL2 community of pilots with =Flying BARANS= prefix.

Some time ago there appeared various pilots on IL2 servers wearing =Flying BARANS= prefix.
We sate that pilots with =Flying BARANS= prefix have no connection to our squadron that has =FB= prefix and their pilots are not members of our squad.
Some of those pilots possibly were among =Flying BARANS= in past time but are not in present. Currently they have no relation with well known in Il2 community =FB= squadron.
They didn't participate in formation of =FB= in IL2, any championships, online wars etc. We take no responsibility for their actions and behavior.

Official roster of =Flying BARANS=:





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